A thriving business community is a vital piece of a vibrant community. Locally, the Greater Maryville Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors recognize the importance of customer service and honor the businesses who serve and support our community with the highest degree of care and professionalism.

The Greater Maryville Chamber of Commerce seeks to further highlight this by bringing our community an award for business of the month. This award is presented to a business that does extremely well in community involvement, economic growth, customer service and professional relationships.

This month the Ambassadors chose to recognize Hearing Care Partners, 102 East Torrance Street, from the nominees for the September Business of the Month because of their superior customer service.

“Hearing Care Partners go out of their way to help their customers in any way they can. They do their best to make sure customers have an easy and smooth experience each time,” Nicole Grady, Greater Maryville Chamber of Commerce.

To be eligible for this award, businesses must be in good standing with the Chamber and should fit at least one of the following selection criteria:

● Have demonstrated outstanding support to the community or to the Chamber.

● Provide superior customer service and/or products.

● Considered a successful and professional business by peers.

“Help us recognize an area business by nominating them for a Business of the Month award. Companies can be nominated by any customer or other chamber member,” noted Grady.

All nominations must be submitted on the business of the month nomination form accessible through or posted at area businesses or by submitting a form under the “Member” menu at maryvillechamber.com.

All verified nominations will remain for consideration for three months from the date of submission.

When nominating a business, individuals should keep the following criteria in mind: customer service, ease of accessibility, convenient hours, friendly and helpful staff; social responsibility shown by involvement in local activities; and civic engagement by encouraging staff to volunteer, long term commitment to local economic growth, proactive hiring standards for community members, and commitment to educational excellence.

Deadline for nominations is the first Friday of each month. Ambassadors will meet again October 10 to choose the October Business of the Month.