At the February 17 meeting, the Burlington Jct. City Council looked to better days ahead by the sale of water to the Public Water Supply of Nodaway County (Rural Water); plus the increase of water and sewer rates will keep the town solvent.

With the daily water sale of 15,000-20,000 gallons to Rural Water, Alliance, the city’s contracted company, spoke about increasing the time of the treatment of the water that would add more man-hours. To be more efficient, Dennis Chitwood, Alliance’s representative, recommended the purchase of a 3,000 steel tank, estimated cost of $5,000, that would allow the water to mix with needed chemicals before going through the filtering process.

During his report to the council, Chitwood, noted the plant will be producing the best water in its history. Some of the facts, he shared in January, 36615 gallons were produced daily with more than 20,000 gallons sold to Rural Water and the water loss was 9.2 percent.

In the business portion of the meeting, the contract with Rural Water was approved and noted the document will have an annual review.

The council voted to increase water-sewer rates. Sewer rates base charge increased from $13 to $18 and $4 per additional 1,000 gallons. Water rates also increased to $56 for the base and $18 per additional 1,000 gallons. This will be reviewed annually. It was estimated the increases would amount
to an additional $10 per month for base users. The new rates are effective April 1.

In the financial report, Secretary Angie Lightner told of 49 shutoffs, Chris Halis still pursuing the possibilities of the hardware building and that other grants are now being researched.

Mayor Justin Plymell shared during his visits with Joey McLiney, a contracted financial counselor he learned more refinancing could relax the debt payments in the future if revenue increases.

Lightner reported her findings with a company that would allow the city to offer water-sewer customers the ability to pay with credit or debit cards for $199 as a one-time cost to the city. She will continue to study the company’s offerings.

The council discussed the new ball field plans for spring, noting the West Nodaway baseball team will
begin in about a month.