Burlington Jct. City Council members discussed multiple accounts of vandalism during their September 14 meeting.

The city park’s cook shack door was kicked in, but there didn’t appear to be anything missing. The city’s water plant was broken into and a tool box and drill were stolen. Mayor Justin Plymell reminded citizens to keep valuables locked up and report all incidents to the sheriff.

Other items discussed include the following:

•Citizen Martha Greeley addressed the council with concerns about stray dogs. Council members concluded that photos were needed before letters could be sent to the dog owners.

•The baseball field will be leveled and reseeded.

•Letters will be sent to property owners with tall grass and weeds.

•A letter and city ordinance will be sent to an individual with a dangerous structure in town.

•The Community Hospital-Fairfax will open a clinic on October 12. Hospital representatives asked the city to reconstruct the sidewalk in front of the clinic building. No action was taken.

•The 2016 tax levy rate is pending approval.

•The city hall office has a new desk. There was discussion about painting and adding new carpet.

Council members went on to hold a closed session.