The Northeast Nodaway R-V School Board looked at preliminary drawings of the track and field project and discussed policies allowing homeschool students to play sports during its regular meeting November 16.

The school board reviewed layout blueprints of the track and field facility prepared by Landscape Architect Vance Rzepka of VSR Design, Overland Park, along with generalized estimates.

The blueprints were drawn to include everything on the wish list outlined by school board members. The school board will begin to narrow down the list of wants to create a facility that meets the needs of the district with an obtainable budget. Rzepka will be invited to speak with the board at the beginning of the December board meeting to pair down the list of expenses and to eliminate items.

The school board adopted policy revisions to keep the district in compliance. One of the mandatory state policies now allows for homeschool students to be able to play competitive sports in the public school system as long as they attend two class periods a day at the school and abide by all other school regulations.

Superintendent Ken Grove stated that the policy covered the minimum qualifications, however, the district can impose stricter regulations. He proposed that the school board should adopt another policy next month requiring students to spend more than two class periods a day at the school with the possibility of making it mandatory that students spend “100 percent of seat time at the public school” in order to play sports.

Board member Darren Adwell stated that would “negate the policy.” Grove responded that he did not think it was fair for homeschool students to be allowed the same access to sports as the public school students, stating the homeschool testing and school work requirements were not the same as those for public school students.

Adwell suggested that a revised policy could ask homeschoolers to bring in copies of their homework to ensure they comply with the school’s grade average policy for playing sports. Grove will bring a new, stricter policy before the board in December.

Linda Primm gave the board the evaluation of her Title I program. She stated there were no known concerns at this time. Primm also gave an update on the professional development program and stated that teachers are being encouraged to utilize conferences to learn new skills.

Phillip Doty updated the school board on his ag program. The FFA currently has 43 students enrolled, the largest the program has seen in several years. The students doubled the amount of fruit sale income this year. They made $6,020 from the soybean crop this year. Doty plans to use the money to purchase 15 Chromebooks, a Dewalt miter saw and other miscellaneous tools for the ag department. He also plans to apply for a 50/50 match grant to help offset the cost.

The school board will have two positions open for the next election. Interested candidates can file between Tuesday, December 12 and Tuesday, January 16, 2018.

Abbie Groomer, school counselor, was appointed as the foster care liaison.

The school had 24 veterans for a total of 36 visitors for its Veterans Day celebration.

The Parents as Teachers employee is having a difficult time getting into the homes of some children for visits. Families are not responding to her or answering phone calls. The board will decrease her salary until her case load increases.