The North Nodaway R-VI Board of Education met in open and closed sessions November 15 to handle the following school district business:

The annual performance rating was discussed by the board and Superintendent James Simmelink. The school district scored 78 percent. To remain accredited, the district must score 70 percent or higher.

Because of the controversy on the English II and Math end of course tests, NN was allowed a “hold harmless” status on those two scores. Social studies and math were the scores counted.

Simmelink explained that smaller schools such as North Nodaway did not have enough students in the subsets that are used to compute the scores and this causes lower marks.

In Simmelink’s bus report comparing the current school year-to-date with the 2016-17 year-to-date, the district has 2,000 more miles this year. The transportation costs for the year are down, credited to the purchase of the new school bus.

Athletic sharing with West Nodaway was approved for junior high and high school football, track, cross country, fall cheerleading and softball. North Nodaway also approved varsity volleyball for the 2018-19 year.

The district approved seven board policies after review. One policy was rescinded because it covered areas which have been incorporated into other policies.

The monthly Missouri State Board Association board report led to further discussion about Governor Eric Greitens’ appointment of five board members to the state board. The board members won’t be approved until the Missouri Senate meets in January 2018. However, a special meeting has been called for November 21 concerning current Commissioner of Education Margie Vandeven and her removal from the board.

Simmelink attached his name to a letter voicing support of Vandeven. Simmelink said that in the short term, he doesn’t believe that NN will be affected. If the ouster leads to charter schools, Simmelink thinks that could lead to vouchers, which could hurt smaller school districts.

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