Maryville High School senior Hailee Beemer is one of three Missouri Pork Association youth ambassadors for 2017.

Missouri Pork Ambassador is a prestigious position awarded to someone who has shown dedication and high involvement in the pork industry.

Beemer got into the pork industry three years ago when she began showing Yorkshire and Hampshire gilts with her friend. Once she began to show the hogs, she was hooked.

“Every year I learn new things. There’s challenges, too. It gives me a way to overcome challenges. Each pig is different and I have to be able to adapt,” Beemer said.

Beemer applied for the position, completed a phone interview and was chosen to serve the state as an ambassador, a title that also comes with a $1,000 scholarship. The three ambassadors will work together throughout the year promoting the pork industry and increasing awareness in an internship type role.

They will attend several events including setting up an informational booth at the Missouri State Fair, running a booth at each ambassador’s local county fairs, the Taste of Excellence event in Kansas City and others.

Beemer plans to attend Northwest Missouri State University to complete a double major in agricultural business and animal science. She would like to work for a bigger company focusing on health sales for animals while staying in the Northwest area of Missouri.

“I’m really excited for it. It’s a great opportunity that not everyone here has had. I’m the only one in Maryville that I know of that’s done this. Pigs are something I’m very passionate about and something I want to continue to be involved in in my future.”

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