Travelers coming to or just passing through Burlington Jct. now have a lodging option, The Carter House.

The establishment is owned by Dean and Collette Kelly, who are in the process of renovating the historic home.

The duo have adventurous spirits. Collette, originally from England, retired in Venezuela. She met Dean on a vacation in Panama and moved to Coeur d’Alene, ID.

They decided to sell their home and business in Idaho, load up their motorcycles and travel the countryside in their bus, stating they wanted to “go exploring.” After six weeks, the couple was bored with the life of travel and began looking for a “project” to keep them busy. Dean likes to work with his hands and the couple tossed around ideas of businesses, bars, cafes and restoring an old home, looking at properties all over the United States.

After spending a year and a half living in their bus, Collette saw a property for sale in Burlington Jct. They fell in love with the house and decided to buy it.

It took them two years and the help of the Missouri assistant attorney general to clear all the liens on the property, making it officially theirs. They didn’t have a key to the structure and Collette reminisced about having to climb in through the old coal chute.

The property was in disrepair, with fallen ceilings, bad roofing and there were animals such as raccoons living inside. It didn’t have electricity or running water when they bought it. They have been slowly restoring the old house, one room at a time as they have the funding, for the past two years.

“We are trying to put it back together the way that it was,” Collette stated.

They decided the house was pretty large for just two people. Collette had worked in hospitality for many years and Dean had traveled for work for many years, living away from home during the week and coming home on the weekends, so the duo decided to open their house to travelers as a bed and breakfast facility.

They cater to workers in the area who are working throughout the week, people in the area for conferences or contracts and any traveler wishing for a quiet getaway.

“We look after our people here. They get a good breakfast, we do their laundry for them, we make them comfortable,” Collette stated.

They currently have two rooms for rent and eventually they will have three rental rooms. While under construction, rates vary from $55 to $65 a night, with holidays being at a higher rate. They offer a discount for four or more nights booked.

Those who wish to make reservations may call 208.699.8612, book on or contact the couple on their Carter House Bed and Breakfast Facebook page.