By Christina Rice

JerodDowningBurlington Jct. native Jerod Downing has launched a new business in Nodaway County, Northwest Missouri Aerial Photography.

Downing uses a drone to fly above his subjects taking photos and videos. He can record footage of landscapes, property, landmarks, weddings, sporting events and real estate listings. He can also provide photos of hard-to-reach places, such as rooftops, for insurance inspections and can take original advertising footage for businesses. Because the drone can hover in one place and zoom in for close ups, it can scout fields for insects without damaging crops.

Downing has experience shooting footage of special events including Northwest Missouri State University’s Homecoming parade and he has the capability to stream live to Facebook.

By using the drone’s hovering capability, he can recreate images by taking a photo at the exact angle and height of a previous photo. Customers have used this service to have property photos taken at the same angle as one taken years previously by an airplane. Then, they can compare the images. Others have requested having the same image taken each season to capture their home year round.

Downing can edit and set footage to customized music and customers can receive their media digitally, on flashdrives, cards, in photo books or as printed photos.

“I saw a need and thought I could fill it. I get to get out and see a lot of things from a perspective that a lot of people never have. I like the look on people’s faces when they get to see it in that way for the first time,” Downing said. “It is exciting. It is nice to be able to capture those things and give them to people as memories.”

Regulations used to state that in order to sell an image taken by a drone you had to have a pilot’s license. That requirement was dropped in August allowing Downing to pursue his dream. He passed two exams in Council Bluffs, IA, earning his Federal Aviation Administration license on September 2. He is fully insured, which he says sets his business apart from competition.

“I saw the potential for it. There was not anyone I know in the area who does this commercially,” Downing said.

For more information, contact Downing at 660.541.2538 or visit Gift certificates are now available.