Liberals come tumbling down

By Larry W. Anderson

Three events closely connected chronologically and politically have contributed to the tumbling down of the liberal machine so long in place. These were Iowa’s Democratic caucus, the awesome State of the Union speech skillfully delivered by President Trump, and the acquittal of Trump of the bogus impeachment charges leveled by vengeful opponents seeking retribution and distraction.

It is unknown if the results of these events will have legs or will experience the impermanence of shifting political fortunes, but for now it appears Trump has triumphed while the left looks like a collection of sulking losers obsessed with a force they can’t beat despite their steady stream of abuse.

The Iowa caucus, something of a preliminary political barometer, proved a revelation in a state that has 37 percent of its voters classified as uncommitted to either party. The number of declared Republicans and Democrats is a virtual tie at around 31 percent each, but the surprise is Trump thumped every Democratic contender by at least five points in a major poll even though his appearance in Iowa during the caucus period was brief. This means the president is currently doing well with independents, a broad demographic that tends to support the incumbent. I believe Trump will do even better in Iowa in November, but I’m not taking that for granted. Assumptions beat football teams and presidents.

Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders did the best in Iowa within the crowded Democratic field. This suggests Democrats are looking outside the mainstream for someone different. Buttigieg is a youngster comparatively speaking but smart, cool and gay, which has appeal. However, his political experience is limited to that of mayor of a city of 100,000. He hardly seems qualified. Bernie is an aging socialist whose resemblance to Father Time cannot be ignored plus the old feller is way too far left for most Americans.

Nevertheless voters approved of Pete and Bernie more than everyday Liz and Joe. This suggests discontent now but also of division later on as the gaps close and the losers culled. Lurking outside the caucus confines is Mike Bloomberg who can spend millions faster than others can raise them. Bloomberg may prove the real threat to Trump down the road. We will see, but Trump has been a hugely effective president while Bloomberg and the others have not.

The president delivered his State of the Union address one day after the Iowa caucus and one day before the impeachment acquittal. To his credit, Trump didn’t mention the impeachment farce in his speech, but he did identify a long list of economic, international and domestic accomplishments that are expanding and solidifying daily. Within the chamber sat this year’s version of the Pit of Misery, a clot of glum Democrats who not only refused to acknowledge the country’s many successes but couldn’t even exhibit support for several guests recognized for their contributions. Theirs was a pathetic display of partisanship and grim determination to do nothing to help the president lift the country.

Speaker Pelosi tore up her copy of Trump’s speech in full view of the nation. Her act was rude, immature and petulant, but her malignant behavior may have done as much to help Trump as the State of the Union speech that reminded Americans of the great progress being made.

This short series of events was capped by Trump’s total acquittal of the baseless impeachment charges brought against him by House Democrats. He was charged with a count of abuse of power and another of obstruction of Congress concerning the Ukraine matter which was barely a deal at all. His exoneration underscores the pitiful weakness of the allegations; in fact, no criminal charge was even included in the impeachment effort. Our system continues to work.

Last week was a dandy for the president because his wins fingerprinted the left’s failures. One of Trump’s greatest contributions to the nation to date is to expose the left for what it really is: partisan, dishonest, hateful, contentious, selfish and wrong for America. More must be done about that in November.