The August 2 Primary Election Republican ballots filled with candidates made for contested races in which over one-third of Nodaway County voters wanted to make their mark.

With 35.9 percent, 4,652, of the registered voters in the county venturing into a polling place or voting absentee, the ballots were clear on the choices for the primary. Jefferson Township had the largest percentage of registered voters come to the polls, 44.15 percent, 230 of the 521 people registered. Polk B and C precinct with 931 registered voters saw 28.19 percent venture out to vote. Nodaway County mirrored the rest of the State Senate district counties as well as the State Representative race with their selections.

In the State Senate Republican race, Rusty Black had an easy win in the county with 67.5 percent of the county’s votes, 2,480. J. Eggleston had 957 and Delus Johnson, 237. Black will be pitted against Democrat Michael J. Baumli in November, who ran unopposed in the Primary Election.

Facing Jess Piper, in November, who was an unopposed Democrat in the Primary Election, Republican Jeff Farnan won handily the Republican nod, 46.72 percent, 1,765 votes. Coming in a distant second, Alan Bennett had 1,052, who did win two precincts, Grant, 79 versus Farnan, 50 and White Cloud, 52 versus Farnan, 48. Holly Kay Cronk garnered 646, Jasper Logan, 228 and Michelle Horner, 87 votes.

The General Election, Tuesday, November 8, will send one senator and one representative to Jefferson City from the Northwest Missouri corner in January.

The only county office incumbent who had an opponent was Republican Lisa Nickerson. She won reelection with 61.23 percent, 2,292, of the votes against Renae Sturm, 1,451. Sturm did win the Jefferson precinct, 146 votes versus 56 votes for Nickerson. Nickerson will continue to serve Nodaway County citizens another four years.

A grid of precinct information is in the print edition of the NNL.

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