At the March 8 Skidmore City Council meeting, the aldermen accepted the contract with the Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments for an environmental review for the sewer project.

This is a necessary step required for the Community Development Block grant and for the USDA Rural Development grant and loan. The cost to the city is $4,500.

The mayor and aldermen were also preparing for the town hall meeting to be held at 7 pm, Thursday, March 15 in Newton Hall. The town hall meeting is to address citizens’ questions and concerns about the sewer bond issue on the Tuesday, April 3 ballot.

Jonathan Eckstein, People Services, Inc., reported on sewer plant testing. A wet affluent test will be necessary in January 2019, which will cost the city between $1,000 and $1,100. Also, clean-outs need to be installed on an 800-foot stretch. A plumber will need to be hired. The council decided to check the sewer project proposal to see if this was included.

Mayor Tracy Shewey said water meters that are more than 10 years old or a million gallons used need to be checked and the council should be prepared to replace them. There are some meters in stock.

Hours worked by Kenny Shewey on the sewer were approved to be paid at $10 per hour.

The council approved the purchase of 99 street signs, the necessary brackets and four poles at an estimated cost of $2,000. The council is going to keep the old, wooden street signs and offer them to citizens on a first come, first served basis.

The water loss for February was estimated at 15 percent. Water/Wastewater Maintenance Operator Marvin Sumy is unsure where the water loss is coming from. He requested that the council look for abnormally wet spots to find leaks.

During the discussion on bills, the increase in the water bill was questioned. Sumy said the water loss could be part of the problem, also, the fire hydrants were flushed.

The council also noted that there did not seem to be a decrease in the KCP&L bill after the installation of new LED street lights.

Sandy Wright’s request for a water line has been tabled until the April meeting as Sumy has not confirmed the presence of a water meter at that property.

The council approved six hours of bereavement pay for City Clerk Jennifer Poland to help make up the hours she missed after her sister’s death.

Alderman Karen Kepka requested a list of delinquent water and sewer bills for all council meetings. Poland stated that there had been no delinquents for two months.

The mayor stated that grant applications for the cemetery and a generator for Newton Hall are still on track.

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