City Clerk Milt Sovereign announced at the city council meeting February 5 that he will research to determine if Pickering is eligible for a non-election.

Alderman Kevin Leedom has filed for his position; Alderman Brad Judd expressed his willingness to once again be appointed. Sovereign gave Judd the necessary paperwork to complete.

Because the council didn’t meet in January, the financial reports for December and January were reviewed and approved. Payment of all bills was approved.

Mayor Charles Smith will look into finding a company to spray seal all of the asphalt streets in Pickering this summer. The council expressed concern that without a coat of sealant, the asphalt streets will deteriorate. The city would be unable to replace those streets.

KCP&L has completed the street light upgrade by installing LED bulbs. There are several private-pay street lights in town, and those owners want to stay with the current bulbs. Sovereign said that the city should start to see a savings on the electricity with the February billing.

Sovereign said the city needs to continue its enquiry with White Cloud Engineering and the Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments about the amount of ammonia in the treated waste water and what the city needs to do to be in compliance with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

A dog complaint has been ongoing for several months. The Nodaway County Sheriff’s Department has talked to the owners, who have built a dog pen. The problem arises when the dogs are being transferred from the pen to the house; the animals are allowed to run loose.

A chained dog has been mauled and a resident received a scratch when trying to keep the two dogs from her pet. The city has referred the matter to City Attorney David Baird.