NOCOMO board hears report of a strong income growth in July

Posted August 29, 2014 at 1:00 pm

 At the NOCOMO Industries board of directors meeting on August 26, David Lawyer, board president, reported that NOCOMO was $19,075 in the black.

He indicated that the workshop had shown steady income from the woodshop and recycling efforts, plus $14,000 from the SB40 grant, to give NOCOMO a profitable month. Lawyer also believed that the annual audit had gone well and is anticipating the audit packets at the September meeting.

Nicki Samson, manager, informed the board that NOCOMO had recycled 6.7 million pounds from July 2012 through June 2014. She noted that this was materials not going into landfills, but being recycled into usable consumer goods.

Samson had applied for and received a scholarship to attend the Missouri Recycling Association’s (MORA) convention in Springfield from September 8-10. This also includes a free membership to MORA. Samson also reported that she is working on obtaining two new pallet accounts for the shelter’s woodshop.

Lawyer gave an update on the pending lawsuit brought against NOCOMO by a former landlord. A trial date has been set for September.

Lawyer indicated that the workshop needs to work on a contingency plan for operations. To maintain employment for the developmentally disabled, if legislation causes the sheltered workshop program to be taken out of the Missouri Department of Education or if the sub-minimum wage standard is removed.

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