Maryville’s Weybrew makes state in three sports his junior year

Posted June 27, 2014 at 7:50 pm


Over the course of the 2013-14 school year, Maryville High School junior Brendan Weybrew has attended three state competitions in different sports: football, wrestling and track and field. Those opportunities didn’t come easy as Weybrew spends much of his spare time attending camps and working by himself to better himself through a variety of workouts besides the team practices.

“The camps I attend range from around all over the Midwest and the camps involve either improving, perfecting or learning new techniques based on what sport it is,” Weybrew said. “I have around 13 football camps I am attending this summer and one wrestling camp.”

Already in his high school career Weybrew has attended camps in Missouri, Iowa, Arkansas, Illinois and Wisconsin. When he’s not working at a camp, he is doing something on his own back in Maryville.

“Other than summer weightlifting Monday to Tuesday and Thursday to Friday, almost every day I go work on something whether it be throwing at the track, kicking a football, bettering my 40 yard dash and vertical jumps or even doing cone drills to prepare me for the season ahead.”

A career worth admiring takes hard work

That hard work really paid off this season when Weybrew was a part of the State Championship football team along with his second place at state wrestling and 12th place finish in discus. Apart from those finishes at state, Weybrew also earned second team all-conference, first team all-district and second team all-state in football; placed second in the MEC and first place in districts in wrestling; and fourth place in districts and sectionals for discus. And that’s just as a junior, Weybrew has collected much more his first two years of high school.

“Being able to attend state in three different sports in my junior year was an amazing accomplishment to me and my family,” said Weybrew. “I felt like I had put forth some more effort than I had in years past, but there is still a lot more effort to be put in if I want to be a champion. All in all it was a good year for me in sports and I hope I can do the same next year, only improve more than I did this last year.”

As Weybrew looks toward college, his talents open up several windows, but his focus will be on football or wrestling.

“While I do enjoy throwing in track, I don’t see myself in the college level throwing, but you never know what offers may come ahead,” Weybrew said. “One of the hardest choices of my life so far would be choosing between wrestling and football to continue my sports career at the collegiate level. So as of this moment I’m 50-50 on the edge of which I would like to pursue in the future.”

Building a family of supporters is important

While Weybrew relies on his physical and mental toughness in the midst of the battle, whether on the gridiron, mat or discus pit, his family and extended family has become an important role for Weybrew.

“My biggest supporters would have to definitely be my parents, grandparents and my siblings and my girlfriend and her family. I also get a lot of support from my friends and their families – the Striplins in football, the Alexanders in wrestling and the Morrisons, Wilsons and Owens in track. Those are just some of the names among the great number of people who come not only to support their child but everyone, not just me, on every team I compete for.”

Weybrew also appreciates the knowledge gained from his various coaches in the sports he competes in.

“To every coach that has ever helped me in any sport, I would like to say thank you, not only for making me better at the sport, but for also making me a better person with all of the life lessons, coaching, learning, expanding my knowledge and pushing me to achieve higher goals like in the work force that will come later in life,” Weybrew said. “My coaches have all made an impact on my life and I will take many of those lessons they have put into my mind and use it in life.”

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