Hopkins looks at streets

Posted April 5, 2016 at 6:40 pm

 The Hopkins City Council studied the streets needing repair at the April 4 meeting,

The aldermen had driven the town and listed 18-20 blocks that needed repair. Some are bad enough the street surface needs a base coat of rock, shaping and ditches put in.

Mid-America Road Builders, St. Joseph, will have a representative in Hopkins to bid the project. The council is considering having a city official sign off on each street as weork is completed. The council consensus was that not enough oil is being applied to the rock on the streets causing ruts and wash-outs.

In other city business, two certificate deposits which are maturing in April will be put back into one year maturity.

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    St. Gregory’s explores journalism through yearbook publication

     St. Gregory’s Eighth Grade Technology Yearbook class has put this year’s issue to bed as of March 19.

    Now comes the waiting period to see the actual yearbook and then get it into the other students’ hands as well. In some ways, this has been a nine-year project for the eleven students in the class, since they have been working on the skills needed since kindergarten, according to Cheryl Cornell, technology instructor.

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    Graves holds roundtable of business people

    US Congressman Sam Graves spent his Easter break from the US Capitol touring his district. On March 30, he held a roundtable for local business, city and county leaders at the Nodaway County Administration Building. Graves discussed the long-term highway bill, legislation being considered on pipeline and airport safety and river management.

    Graves interacted with attendees on the subjects of EPA, economic development, northern Missouri’s agricultural-based economy and falling population, the need for more regional interactions for

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    McLain brings Northwest Audio Visual to Maryville’s square

    Brett McLain is seeing his dream come to fruition in his business, Northwest Audio Visual, LLC, 202 East Third Street, Maryville.

    McLain, after graduation from Maryville High School, moved to Kansas City where he was doing commercial installations. Getting tired of the city, he decided to return to Maryville.

    Working out of his house, McLain expanded into car audio and residential installations. Business expanded to where he hired Jeremiah Schultz. Next

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    Columnist speaks to Women’s History Month, Pt. 2

    Although there were male rural school teachers, the vast majority were single females. There were several different types of temporary standard teacher certification. A teacher could be certified to teach at a certain grade level for a specified period time before further education was required beginning with one year up to five years. The local district school was operated by five or six elected male members serving on boards of education based on state guidelines. The county superintendent did the certificating of teachers, selection of textbooks and curricular supervision, but the local

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    County caucuses for Republicans, Democrats set

     Both the Nodaway County Republican Central Committee and the Nodaway County Democrats will hold their respective caucuses next week.

    The 2016 Nodaway County Republican Caucus is set for 10 am, Saturday, April 9 for the purpose of electing Republican delegates and alternates to both the Republican Sixth District Convention and state convention.

    The caucus is to be held at the Nodaway County Administration Center and will review the state Republican platform and vote on amendments to the

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    Area youngsters hunt eggs, meet Easter Bunny

    Several communities held Easter egg hunts despite the rain and low temperatures, including the March 26 event held at the Maryville Community Center.

    Youngsters Jayce, Gunner and Mia Piveral were among those who collected eggs and met the Easter Bunny. The event was hosted by the Maryville Host Lions and HyVee.

    Nodaway’s Nominated: County’s legal council is the prosecutor

     One of the duties of the prosecuting attorney is to be the county’s legal council for advice on a multitude of things.

    From representing the state in criminal court cases to advising county government entities, the Nodaway County Prosecuting Attorney also serves as legal council for many local agencies helping them on the appropriate language for grant applications.

    To be considered as a candidate for prosecuting attorney, an individual must be a resident of Nodaway County,

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    Elected offices see individuals file for November election

     Candidates filing for positions in Nodaway County government and for the Missouri House ended at 5 pm, March 29.

    Those seeking positions in non-contested races in county government are: Rex Wallace, Maryville, Democrat, assessor; Vince Shelby, Skidmore, Republican, coroner; Karen Leader, Maryville, Democrat, county clerk; Bob Stiens, Ravenwood, Democrat, south district commissioner; Diane Thomsen, Maryville, Democrat, public administrator; Marilyn Jenkins, Maryville, Democrat, treasurer/collector.

    Two races will be contested in the primary on August 2 and the general

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    Vietnam veterans receive welcome home

    The Nodaway County chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution held the last of several events which commemorated the 50th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War on March 29. Approximately 50 people attended.

    Bill Walker, presiding commissioner, read a proclamation designating March 29 as Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day in Nodaway County. Each Vietnam veteran attending the program will be emailed a 50th anniversary certificate.

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