Administrators talk about how they handle bullying in their districts

Posted February 5, 2016 at 2:00 pm

It’s easy to look inside a school of a particular community and point out weaknesses; the seemingly lack of concern of bullying may be one of them.

Because schools are the daily gathering place for students, it’s no surprise that bullying targets are preyed upon there. But school districts must toe a fine line when it comes to discipline whether through proactive or reactive measures.

Bullying is present everywhere

When surveying area principals and superintendents, there is an overwhelmingly acknowledgement that bullying exists in Nodaway County schools; it may come in different forms. Many school officials said because of the size of the community and school district, almost all situations are able to be

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    Nodaway County 7th graders respond to survey questions

    For the second part of the Nodaway News Leader’s series on Breaking Down Bullying, 191 of 211 seventh graders in all eight Nodaway County school districts were surveyed.

    This was a short survey asking for their perceptions on the subject. To see graphs related to the survey, visit our photo gallery and click on school.

    Students were asked to rate bullying in their school. There may have been some

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