Nucor-LMP hosts intern from Germany

Posted November 21, 2014 at 3:22 pm

Jessi Althajmer of Solingen, Germany, wanted an internship with a US manufacturer to improve her grasp of technical English.

She had planned to work in Chicago, but a friend of her father, Theri Paraskevas, GM of EJP, recommended Nucor LMP Steel, Inc., Maryville, for the internship. EJP has sold machinery to Nucor, so Paraskevas was familiar with Maryville. The size and safety of the town appealed to the Althajmers, so he contacted Kevin Van de Ven, Nucor LMP general manager, who approved giving Althajmer the contact information.

Althajmer began her job at the Maryville plant on September 30. She will be in Maryville for 10 months. She started with basic safety training, learning Nucor standards and the different divisions in the

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