Pumpkin Center Charlie’s Girl: Just makes too much sense, I suppose

Posted April 18, 2014 at 1:00 pm

By Kay Wilson

My face lit up on Tuesday morn as I was checking my twitter feed.

Missourinet, a reputable news source, tweeted that the Missouri Senate was discussing HB1573. Our Senator Brad Lager’s photo and the complete article was on the Missourinet website, so my eyes were straining as I was walking uphill at a fast walk on my treadmill. Wanting to shout for joy and hoping I would have the breath to do so, I saw the senate was indeed addressing the need for consolidation of the emergency dispatch 911 centers in our county and other counties in the state. In fact there was some discussion about the combination of counties’s dispatch centers.

Over a decade ago, I chaired a taskforce that

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    Pumpkin Center Charlie’s Girl: This election is taxing me

    by Kay Wilson

    I am considered an optimist on most fronts. I’m also a conservative. I realize a conservative that is an optimist is rare.

    There are two tax issues which face the majority of the NNL readers at the ballot box next Tuesday, April 8. Both are coming from entities that our news staff covers with great fervor.

    We have been watching the Maryville school bond question being touted by the school’s top

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