Pumpkin Center Charlie’s Girl: Commonsense still lives on East Coast

Posted May 22, 2015 at 1:00 pm

by  Kay Wilson

 A recent enlightening article was published by The Washington Post giving the public confidence in their food consumption.

Surprised? Me, too.

A local farmer brought the news to my attention and he was quick to explain he doesn’t subscribe to or read The Washington Post, but instead looks to more logical writings of the Nodaway News Leader. It seems several of the agriculture trade magazines had picked up the commentary piece for a great read on their opinion pages. The one he brought into our office appeared in

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    Pumpkin Center Charlie’s Girl: That was fast, actually

    by Kay Wilson

     The front of our Next Slice this week shows the progress and completion of several Maryville projects.

    Congratulations to the city staff and leadership on keeping their focus and encouraging the contractors, a couple needed more than encouragement, to stay on-task. The squeaking wheel gets the grease and when you work with contractors, a whole lot of squeaking is required.

    The one project that really amazed me was the Fourth Street Corridor. I know there are people who

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