Pumpkin Center Charlie’s Girl: Time to find the switch

Posted March 27, 2015 at 7:53 pm

by Kay Wilson

Ok, people, if you are among the hundreds of drivers who must find their way to work in the fog – not the foggy, groggy mind kind – then it’s time to find the switch on your dashboard that deals with your vehicle’s lights.

I know if you have a newer vehicle, like within the last 10 years, you may never have had to find this knob, since your smart car knows when it’s dark outside. But after the recent episodes of thicker-than-pea-soup fog we’ve had in the early morning drives, there is a potentially deadly event just waiting to happen.

I can give a testimony that the majority of my fellow drivers unknowingly do not have their head

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    Pumpkin Center Charlie’s Girl: I think we can all agree on this point

    by Kay Wilson

    Open government is good government.

    It’s the 10th anniversary of the official Sunshine Law Week. So cut me a big slab of that birthday cake.

    Sunshine Law Week is meant to be an annual nationwide celebration of access to public information. What does that mean for you and our region?

    There is a statewide group of journalists and citizens called the Missouri Sunshine Coalition. The

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    That they might have joy: ‘There’s still work left to be done’

    by Jacki Wood

    When I was a kid, everyone wanted the Crayola 64-pack with the built-in sharpener, even though the school supply list only required us to have eight crayons.

    Not just blue and green but cornflower, sea green and aquamarine. Not just red, orange and yellow but mahogany, magenta, salmon and goldenrod. Bittersweet, burnt sienna, periwinkle.

    That 64-pack was a beautiful array of possibilities.


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    Pumpkin Center Charlie’s Girl: The simple act of mailing a letter

    by Kay Wilson

    The simple act of mailing a letter

    Talk about a business that needs more competition.

    Evidently the United States Postal Service needs a new competitor so the powers-to-be back in Washington will sit up and smell the coffee. According to my sources, the new standards that the postal service sold to Congress and is operating under says the distribution centers, ours would be Kansas City, work on sorting mail

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