That they might have joy: Have we fallen asleep in life?

Posted November 21, 2014 at 3:30 pm

by Jacki Wood

In a letter to Trevor Haddon in April 1884, Scottish novelist Robert Louis Stevenson wrote: “Keep your eyes open to your mercies. That part of piety is eternal; and the man who forgets to be grateful has fallen asleep in life” (Letters vol. 4:276).

How many of us have fallen asleep? Or become blind to the abundance we have been blessed with? I know I have at times.

It may be because we’re going through some rough times. Or that dreaded “b” word we use too often – we’re too “busy.” We become distracted by so many things, even good things. Or maybe it’s because there are so many wonderful things around us all of the time, we just take them for granted.

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    Calling the shots: When it comes to giving, it’s never to early to be filled with the holiday spirit

    Let me just start by saying that I love the Christmas holidays. I like the decorations and shopping and stuff, but more importantly I love how caring communities such as ours reach out to others. In my own family, we love to put together shoeboxes for children in other countries through Operation Christmas Child. It’s a way we can give to those less fortunate while teaching our daughter the joy that comes when we give rather than take.

    Before I attended church at Calvary

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    Pumpkin Center Charlie’s Girl: New leaders present new challenges to citizenry

    by Kay Wilson

    Another election is history. I hear a sigh of relief from all, candidates and television viewers alike.

    But we as citizens of a democracy have to stay diligent in guiding, persuading and monitoring our leaders. Yes, we did select some new faces who hold fresh promise that our government can begin working again. But without our citizenship being exercised, visible and viable, I worry that we may lose any vitality that these new people could provide.

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