Former MW employees have dinner plans

Posted September 26, 2014 at 2:24 pm

Former Montgomery Ward employees will hold their yearly dinner at 6 pm, Friday, October 3 at the Hospitality Room at St. Francis Hospital and Health Care Services, Maryville.

    Leadership Maryville launches new format

     After 28 years of Leadership Maryville meeting weekly to groom individuals to take roles of leadership in the Maryville community, the program has a new look.

    Sponsored by the Maryville Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Maryville provides education and leadership development for active, civic-minded individuals. Participants attend an opening get-acquainted social followed by monthly informative sessions. The curriculum aids participants in gaining an in-depth awareness of Maryville, encourages self-development and relationship building and gives a better perspective of civic, business and general community needs and issues.

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