Spoofhounds name Nodaway County’s 11-man gridiron’s greatest

Posted November 23, 2015 at 2:00 pm

Dustin Piper
Maryville defensive lineman
The senior lineman led Maryville’s dominating defense this season. Overall, Piper finished with 41 tackles, 32 of which were solo efforts. He also had five sacks for a combined loss of 28 yards along with 16 tackles for a loss. Piper also had a safety this season along with an interception and a forced fumble.

    Jefferson, South Nodaway co-op to be Platte Valley Eagles/Longhorns

     School boards of both Jefferson and South Nodaway met this week with the agenda topic of approving the final co-op agreement after months of community discussions.

    Both schools decided to continue co-op agreements for every sport except junior high track and varsity basketball.

    As the schools do now, the two schools will share home field/court with South Nodaway sports being called the Platte Valley Longhorns and Jefferson hosted sports to be the Platte Valley Eagles. The new

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    Spoofhounds name Nodaway County’s 11-man gridiron’s greatest

    Dakota Beemer
    Maryville running back
    Leading the Spoofhounds on the ground in their 12-1 season, the senior running back finished the season with 175 carries for 1,030 yards and 18 touchdowns. Beemer also had 21 receptions for 484 yards and four touchdowns.


    Reynolds recaps high school career, 14 state records

    North Nodaway senior Koby Reynolds just finished his football career after four years of playing starting quarterback. In those four years he saw a lot of changes, including taking over the starting position as a freshman after his older brother broke his arm in game two of the season and the co-op of North and West Nodaway to form the Muskets. Looking back on both of those instances, Reynolds feels the move was best for his career and was happy to have come out of both of

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    Geography with Goudge

    The pre-season Division II Top 25 Men’s College Basketball Media Poll is mapped by proportional symbols. The core or heartland of basketball is represented by Indiana, Kentucky and North Carolina schools but a wide distribution throughout the country is evident. Bearcat basketball, ranked 10th in this poll, is underway. They split two games this past weekend. The next poll will come out November 24.


    Odessa ends Maryville’s season in state quarterfinal dog fight

    With blocks from Joe McClurg and Ryan Owens, Dakota Beemer hits a gap on his way to a first down as Maryville fights for every yard in the first half against Odessa. Despite getting over 100 yards more on offense than Odessa, Maryville suffered a 10-28 loss in the state quarterfinal November 13 to end the Spoofhounds’ season at 12-1.


    8-man gridiron’s greatest for Nodaway County

    Regan Meyer

    South Nodaway/Jefferson defensive back

    While his main role on the team was quarterback, Meyer, a junior, didn’t stop there but was a key role for South Nodaway’s defense. Overall, he had 61 tackles as a defensive back, also helping to break up pass plays.


    Geography with Goudge

    This wide receiver per capita map is a follow-up to the FBS or Football Bowl Subdivision player production map in the August 27 Nodaway News Leader. The pattern is even more concentrated in the Deep South with diminishing values going north. Louisiana leads all states. Wide receivers make up 14 percent or 1,883 of the total players. Only 13 states have a per-capita value over the national norm of 1.00.


    8-man gridiron’s greatest for Nodaway County

    Jakob Cordell

    North-West Nodaway linebacker

    The West Nodaway senior was the driving force of defense this season with an 8-man state-high 233 tackles and 13 sacks in just 11 games. Cordell also used his size to become a successful all-purpose back for the Muskets.

    Tristan Freemyer

    South Nodaway/Jefferson running back

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    8-man gridiron’s greatest for Nodaway County

    Zach Walker

    South Holt/Nodaway-Holt defensive back

    The Nodaway-Holt junior had the second most tackles in 8-man this season at 216 in all. Walker also made his presence known in the backfield with two sacks and several forced passes outside of the pocket for incomplete plays. Walker was also a dangerous ball carrier for the first-year co-op’s offense.

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