Community rallies around Charlie Thompson as he fights cancer

Posted September 5, 2014 at 2:11 pm

When Charlie Thompson was diagnosed with stage four cancer, the man of few words didn’t express concern over his well being, but instead about how he can manage to do his jobs and serve the community he’s come to make his home.

He wondered how he would take care of all the North Nodaway buses and get the kids to and from their activities or how he’d climb the treacherous ladder to do the clock for the football games – just as he always done for the past 20-something years. That’s how Charlie operates; always thinking of how he can make his community a better place and working behind the scenes to do so. Thompson made his presence known by his actions; supporting the school and the community as well as being a dedicated

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    Bohlken pens new book on learning to listen

    Listening to significant others can enhance or break down relationships. A new book by Maryville resident and retired Northwest Missouri State professor, Bob Bohlken, uses a conversational approach to help strengthen those listening skills.

    “Learning to Listen with Significant Others: a Conversational Approach” helps readers discover how to identify listening skills, how to recognize voice pitch inflection and intensity that affect the language used and how eyes, facial expressions, gestures and body attitudes affect the speaker’s intentions and purposes.

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    Night life is on the upswing

    by Kathryn Rice

    Nightlife in Maryville is on an upswing as new owners and/or new remodels of four bars have innovated the local bar scene.


    Dogtown wants to be the neighborhood bar; the one where people feel comfortable stopping for a beer after work or watching a game while feasting on a BBQ pork loin sandwich, a Dogtown speciality. There’s also tenderloins, hamburgers, smoked reuben sandwiches and baked super nachos among other grill food.

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    Nodaway-Holt BOE


    The Nodaway-Holt school board met August 20 to address the following business:

    • Set the tax levy at $4.4182 per $100 assessed valuation with 90¢ going toward capital projects. The district’s assessed valuation is $26+ million.

    • Several of the new teachers were present and introduced themselves.

    • Superintendent Karma Coleman noted the year ended June 30 with $5,100 in the black. She also

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    Maryville BOE


    The Maryville School Board of Education met August 19 to address the following:

    Prior to the board meeting, a public hearing was held regarding the tax levy for the 2014-15 year. After discussion, the board went into the regular meeting to set the tax levy at $5.1317.


    Resignation from Tony Dulin, evening custodian at Maryville Middle School, was approved, effective August

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    North Nodaway BOE

    North Nodaway

    The North Nodaway School Board of Education met August 20 to address the following:

    Prior to the meeting, the board held a public hearing for the district tax levy. Going into regular session, the board approved to set the levy at $4.7911.

    Other items approved include:

    • Agenda for the night’s meeting as well as the minutes from the July meeting.

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    Barnard native’s passion for birds lands him feature in MDC magazine

    Anyone who knows Jack Hilsabeck recognizes that he has a lifelong passion for birds and learning everything about them.

    His love has trickled down to now include his children and even grandchildren who live in New Mexico. That same interest in studying birds allowed Hilsabeck to be featured in the May 2014 Missouri Department of Conservation publication, Missouri Conservationist.

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    Oldest community in county founded in 1859

    First known as Brownville and then later Jacksonville, the community located in southwestern Nodaway County was officially called Graham in 1859, so named after Maryville resident and postmaster Amos Graham. It was incorporated in 1871.

    Graham, like the rest of the country, saw its fair share of rough times, including the Civil War and the Great Depression.
    During that war that pitted the north versus the south, the town was nearly depopulated. Similar to many other places in Missouri, it divided the community. The

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    Area youth overcomes all odds to succeed at calling

    Like farming, being a cowboy is typically a generational thing, so when fifth grader Henry Hatfield came to his parents wanting to be a cowboy, they weren’t sure how serious he really was.

    “Henry attended a cowboy camp where he got to ride horses and he came home wanting to be a cowboy, but we figured it was like any other kid and he’d forget in a day or two,” said Tim Hatfield, Henry’s father. “But he kept asking

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