The Northeast Nodaway R-V School Board approved board of education goals and conducted the following business during its regular meeting October 19:

The school board approved five board of education goals which included improving all test scores by strengthening the curriculum and enhancing instruction for all students; informing the community of student accomplishments, school events and school needs; improving the safety and security of the buildings; working to maintain fund reserves at a level of 40 percent, with consideration given to changes in funding levels and district circumstances; and plans for district needs with respect to both immediate and long-term needs will be met.

It was approved to renew the districts’ health insurance with Blue Cross/Blue Shield. The district will increase the amount they pay for employees to $573.55.

Phillip McIntyre, Ravenwood, was awarded the snow removal bid for $175 per job.

Abbie Groomer was appointed as the Homeless/Migrant/ELL Coordinator.

It was approved to purchase 30 concrete stops for the parking lot from Allen Concrete, Maryville, for $35 each.

Principal Jason McDowell reported that the district plans to pay for the ACT for interested juniors. He stated there were Northwest Missouri State University students in the building for observations and teaching. The school will have three student teachers in the spring. He also stated that all the first-year teachers are completing a teacher book study titled Your First Year: How to Survive and Thrive as a New Teacher.

The student council held a seat belt check on October 16. The 61 percent of drivers and passengers wearing the safety device were awarded with a doughnut. The council will hold two blood drives, one on December 13 and the other on March 5.

Superintendent Ken Grove thanked Board President Kenny Runde for smoothing out gravel.

The board approved to pay half of the cost for pouring concrete under the bleachers at the ball field. The Ravenwood Ball Association awarded the bid to Allen Concrete, Maryville. The school’s contribution was $1,668.75.