The Northeast Nodaway R-V School Board raised lunch prices during its regular meeting May 18.

Lunchtime Solutions will be providing the food service during the 2017-18 school year. They will no longer offer Pizza Hut pizza, but will offer fresh-made pizza instead, which was taste-tested by Maryville students.

The upcoming year will also see the implementation of the Fusion Food program. Once a month, a chef from the Lunchtime Solutions corporate office will visit and prepare fresh foods for the students while they watch. They also plan to increase the selection of Mrs. Dash seasonings offered to students who wish to season their food.

The board approved increasing the lunch prices by 10¢ and raising breakfast 5¢. Elementary breakfast will be $1.40 and lunch $2.40. High school breakfast will be $1.65 and lunch, $2.65.

Seth Runde Construction, Ravenwood, was awarded the $4,440 bid to install vinyl siding on the trailer sitting on school property.

There were 21 students who had perfect attendance throughout the school year and an additional eight students who missed less than four hours throughout the school year.

The high school baseball team won the district championship.

The school received a $500 grant from FCS Financial to help with the concrete costs for concrete being placed around the greenhouse facility.

The administration gave school board members a questionnaire from Incite Designs to help create a wish list for the design team.

Daniel Autry was hired to teach junior high and high school business and Michael Trautz was hired as the junior high assistant track coach.

The board accepted the resignation of Beth Russo, paraprofessional.

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