On February 3, the Northeast Nodaway Science Olympiad team competed at the regional science olympiad at North Central Missouri Community College in Trenton.

NEN Science Olympiad team members are, front: Nathan Schieber, Rory Bredlow, Emily Redden, Brayden Welch, Ethan Adwell; back: Chet Spire, Colton Wilmes, Corby Schmitz, Angela Standiford, Dakota Auffert, Cassy Redden, Anne Schieber, Sarah Linville and Dana Chandler.

The team competed in 23 events and placed in the top five in 18 of the events, allowing the team to advance to state in April.

NEN students finishing in fifth place were: Dakota Auffert and Chet Spire, chemistry lab; Sarah Linville and Emily Redden, disease detective; Brayden Welch, mousetrap vehicle; Dakota Auffert and Cassy Redden, towers.

Finishing in fourth place were: Dakota Auffert, Angela Standiford and Colton Wilmes, experimental design; Rory Bredlow and Nathan Schieber, microbe mission.

Third place finishes were: Dana Chandler and Brayden Welch, herpetology: Cassy Redden and Corby Schmitz, hovercraft; Angela Standiford and Corby Schmitz, optics; Dakota Auffert and Chet Spire, thermodynamics.

Chet Spire and Colton Wilmes finished second in Fermi questions and helicopters. Emily Redden and Brayden Welch received second in materials science. The team of Cassy Redden and Anne Schieber placed second in write it/do it.

Brayden Welch and Nathan Schieber received first place in ecology while Ethan Adwell and Rory Bredlow placed first in game on.

The team finished in third place and will move on to the state competition at Westminster College in Fulton on April 7.

“I am very proud of the team. They worked hard and the seasoned olympiad competitors assisted the six freshmen in a great spirit of cooperation,” Kila Henry, science olympiad coach, said.