Members of the Mozingo Advisory Board looked at solar-powered water mixing devices during their regular meeting on February 28.

This year, Mozingo experienced water odor and taste issues due to a high turnover of algae blooms in the water. Assistant City Manager Ryan Heiland presented the idea of purchasing a Solarbee to the board in hopes of preventing the issue from happening again in the future.

The device is powered through the use of solar panels and recirculates the water, bringing water from the bottom up to the top of the lake. Heiland proposed four machines, two located on the west side of the lake and two located on the east side.

Discussion was held about how to ensure the Solarbees would be visible to lake traffic. Each device is estimated to cost between $150,000 and $200,000. Currently, staff is researching the effects the Solarbees would have on local habitats.

The board agreed the device was necessary for the lake and the matter will be taken to the Maryville City Council at a later date.

Heiland also brought up concerns with the current shelter and group camp reservation policies. Currently, people can reserve the shelters online without explaining what they intend to use the shelter for. Heiland explained that in the past, there have been large outdoor wedding parties that blocked traffic due to excessive amounts of parked cars as well as informal concerts that disrupted other park users.

The board agreed to stop the process of reserving shelters online. Users must now call Mozingo and personally reserve the shelters with a staff member, who can manage the reservations and reduce conflicting events.

Staff will create a special event application for park users. Special events may also be required to provide insurance, alcohol licenses or catering services.

The board also agreed to look through and re-write the entire Mozingo code book to account for some of the updates and changes to policy.

Heiland reported that the PGA golf league was expected to see four or five teams this year, an increase from last year. He stated that the conference center has more than 100 reservations for the upcoming year so far and that staff is still having trouble with the sound system. Northwest Audio has been on-site working to correct the issues.

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