The Maryville City Council approved the one-year lease of a fifth art structure, pending business approval, during the regular Maryville City Council meeting May 8.

Pillar Antiquity, constructed by Sue Quinlan, Boulder, CO. Quinlan also created the art piece Cultural Pedestrians which was displayed in Maryville for the past year.

The art piece, titled Pillar Antiquity, will feature a 7.5-feet sculpture that sits on a 16-inch base, the same base size of the light poles. The art will be mounted directly onto the sidewalk.

The council was in favor of two possible locations, the park bench in front of the former Art Experience or outside of the Nodaway Valley Bank main doors.

In other news, it was approved to amend several funds in the budget.

• A conference center fund was created.

• The general fund has several capital items changed from pay-as-you-go to a five-year financing plan allowing staff to transfer a corresponding amount to the conference center fund. It also included grant money and donations for various events.

• The park and recreation fund was amended to reflect outsourcing mowing labor and adding in-house concession stands at Donaldson Westside Park and Maryville Aquatic Center.

• A transient bed guest tax fund was created.

• The TIF fund was amended to reflect the revenues for the increased sales taxes captured by the new one-eighth of one cent sales tax which went into effect October 1, 2016, for the retirement of the Series 2017 certificate of participation (COP) debt.

• The water/wastewater fund was amended to the COP proceeds issued for the water meter replacement project.

• The Mozingo Lake and Recreation Park budget was changed to account for COP proceeds as reimbursement for the conference center expenses incurred prior to the debt issuance.

Maryville Parks and Recreation presented an update of its budget. Currently, they are up seven percent in users and revenue has increased from last year.

Maryville Mayor Jason McDowell declared May 7-13 as public service recognition week.

Visu-Sewer, Inc., Pewaukee, WI, was awarded the $342,707.75 contract to construct the 2017 sewer main lining project which was $167,293 under budget. The project will line more than 2.5 linear miles of sanitary sewer main. Staff believed it will fix numerous areas of concern that were identified on the smoke test report.

Currently, there are several properties that contain downspouts, foundation drains and other plumbing features that drain directly into the city’s sanitary sewer. The properties were compliant when they were built, however, the city code has since changed. The properties are grandfathered in. It was approved for city staff to begin approaching property owners and paying for updates to the plumbing in hopes of fixing excess storm water from entering the sewer system.

The city council entered into a two-year agreement with Southview Apartments, owned by Southview Apartments, LP. The apartment complex is located on Volunteer Avenue, south of Wal-Mart. The agreement stated that Southview Apartments would assume maintenance of Volunteer Avenue for two years, after which, staff will inspect the condition of Volunteer Avenue. Southview Apartments would be required to make necessary repairs before the city assumed ownership and maintenance of the roadway.

Discussion was held about creating new city codes to address the amount of trash along streets during spring move-out week at the university. No action was taken.

The city is taking bids for three furnaces for the maintenance facility. Bids will be accepted until 11 am, Tuesday, May 16.

A request for proposals for 75 golf carts for Mozingo will be accepted until 1:30 pm, May 16.

The next city council meeting will be Wednesday, May 24.

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