On March 5, the Hopkins City Council discussed improvements to the streets, the pump house and water plant.

The city is looking into painting the exterior of the pump house and water plant. Chief Operator Jack Baldwin has contacted two paint dealers: Sherwin Williams, St. Joseph, and Tnemic Company, Inc., Kansas City.

Tnemic makes a specific paint for the pump house concrete blocks. Baldwin estimated square footage of the project and believes it will take $3,500 for the paint, which has a 25-year guarantee.

The company is recommending the building be washed with a cleaner and then rinsed. Both steps should utilize a high-pressure washer. Baldwin recommended painting the wood trim and doors a contrasting color. City officials decided to hire a bonded and insured painter for the project. Baldwin is searching for qualified individuals or companies.

Baldwin also met with a representative from Midwest Road Builders, Platte City. The company did not complete the 2017 street project for Hopkins due to time constraints. Baldwin reported that Midwest Road Builders could be in Hopkins the first of June or the end of July. The company plans to combine the trip with work in Pickering and other nearby towns.

Baldwin presented last year’s project map and requested that the aldermen drive the streets to see if more streets should be added.

Mayor Kelly Morrison said that a citizen had contacted him about livestock close to his back door. Morrison recommended the person attend the city council meeting and sign a complaint form, but the citizen did not attend.

Delinquent sewer and water bills were discussed with no new addresses added to the list. Baldwin stated that people were making payments as agreed to as far as he was aware.