With harvest season upon us, individuals need to be cautious on the roadways as farmers take to the fields.

State Highway Patrol Trooper Dale Reuter said it is imperative to be vigilant and alert while driving. Slow-moving farm implements will be on the roadways.

“Farming is a big part of our community here in Nodaway County. It’s a necessary career. They are very important to us in our commerce and we need to share the roads,” Reuter stated.

Tips for general population:

The highway patrol encourages drivers to look ahead on the roadways to spot large, slow-moving implements before coming up behind them. Make sure to be alert when topping a hill or rounding a curve in order to be ready to slow down if an implement is encountered.

Drivers should allow extra time to reach their destinations and plan accordingly. Reuter stressed the importance of being patient, stating that when individuals feel rushed, they are likely to be more distracted drivers, causing mistakes. Other distractions include cell phones, the radio or daydreaming, which Reuter stated can cause more accidents as drivers may not see the slow moving equipment until it is too late.

If individuals pull over to make room for farm equipment, be mindful of where you pull over. Make sure you stop in a location that allows plenty of room for implements to miss signs or ditches on their side of the roadway and allow plenty of space for an implement to clear a bridge structure.

Reuter stated that the community knows harvest is here and that the farm equipment will be on the roads at all hours of the day.

“It’s all about safety. They are doing the best they can every day. We need the farmers to be doing their job,” Reuter said.

Tips for farmers:

The highway patrol encourages farmers to utilize a spotter vehicle in front and behind them whenever moving along roadways. Spotters need to have flashing yellow lights, making them easily visible.

For more stories on farm safety, see the printed Nodaway News Leader.

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