The Nodaway County Enhanced Enterprise Zone (EEZ) committee and the Northwest Nodaway EEZ approved the tax adjustment application from Tenaska Clear Creek Wind, LLC, Omaha, NE, during a meeting on August 31.

Tenaska plans to construct a wind farm project that sits in both EEZ zones, 70 percent will be in the Nodaway County EEZ area and 30 percent will be in the Northwest Nodaway EEZ jurisdiction.

Tenaska will invest $294 million, installing 115 wind turbines for a total of 230 megawatts in production capacity. In compliance with the EEZ tax adjustment, Tenaska will pay $5,900 per megawatt, resulting in approximately $1.3 million in property tax revenue.

The company will generate 120 to 160 construction jobs for at least 18 months. After completion, the company will hire 15 to 17 full-time maintenance personnel.

Tenaska met all the requirements for the tax adjustment rate and the EEZ recommended the approval. Nodaway County Economic Development Director Josh McKim took the matter before the Nodaway County Commissioners during their regular meeting September 1. The commissioners approved the project.

The turbines will be primarily north of Gray’s Truck Stop, continuing to the Iowa border, and just west of Pickering, continuing west to Fortune Road. Construction will begin in 2019. Currently, there are 23,000 acres of farm ground that are under lease with Tenaska.

The power will be routed through two substations near Maryville.

Members of the Northwest Nodaway EEZ are Bernie Farmer, John Blackford, Larry Ecker, Dennis Monticue, Nell Cowden, Brooke Kinsella and Terry Nicholas.

Members of the Nodaway County EEZ are Kurby Kenny, Erin Dinsdale, Ray Meyer, Bill Brookshier, Damian Auffert, Northeast Nodaway Superintendent Ken Grove and Maryville City Manager Greg McDanel.

Nodaway County Assessor Rex Wallace and Nodaway County Collector Marilyn Jenkins sit on the Nodaway County EEZ Board as advisory council members.