The Burlington Jct. City Council discussed several potential projects during its regular meeting September 11.

Dennis Chitwood, Alliance Water Resources local manager, presented several update ideas to the board for the improvement of water and sewer management.

Alliance staff has continued to receive customer complaints about the water quality on the west side of town. Chitwood explained that because the water lines are a dead end at that end of town, it’s not circulating enough water, causing stagnant water to be in the pipes. Flushing the hydrants alleviates this issue for approximately two weeks, then the water turns colors and begins to smell.

Chitwood suggested adding a flushing hydrant near the residence as well as changing the pipeline. The upgrades would cost approximately $900. Another option is to extend the line and connect it to an existing line which would keep the water continuously flowing. No action was taken.

Alliance staff had drafted a request for proposals to send to engineering firms to look into wastewater improvements including a sludge test, lagoon studies and addressing E. coli issues. The bids are due by Wednesday, October 4.

Due to lack of funds, the city will not repave streets this year. Instead, Chitwood suggested they look into repairing drainage tubes and ditches to prepare the streets for paving in the future. Chitwood presented some pricing for parts. The board requested more estimates including labor. No action was taken.

The skid steer’s hydraulic cylinder has been fixed.

Chitwood stated that the city had to shut off water from well number one and moved to using well number two. The well was too low in free chlorine but was too high in total chlorine. Staff will take samples and send them to a lab to determine the cause. Two floaters were fixed at the lift station and staff turned off seven delinquent water accounts.

Total water loss for the month was 14 percent. Chitwood would like to see that number below 10 percent. He also mentioned that new water meters would more accurately log gallons of water used. No action was taken.

The city shop currently has no working lights. Discussion was held on purchasing new ballasts. One board member mentioned that he might have a couple of ballasts the city could use. No action was taken.

The Baseball Association would like to make updates to the ball field. Mayor Justin Plymell attended the West Nodaway School Board meeting September 13 to determine if a decision could be made regarding contributions from both entities.

The board received three bids for adding a dividing wall in the city hall meeting space. The wall would give Alliance staff their own office. The board decided the bids were too variable and will create a more detailed outline of the job and put it out for rebid.

Burlington Jct. Finance Officer Angie Lightner was hired as the city clerk and will assume those duties in addition to her current duties.