During its regular meeting October 9, the Burlington Jct. City Council voted to purchase treats and juice boxes to pass out to West Nodaway students during the school’s trick-or-treating event throughout downtown.

In other business, delinquent water payment letters will be sent to renters and landowners warning of potential shut-off.

There was a report of nightshade in the children’s park. The park was closed for several days while maintenance sprayed and removed the nightshade. The park is again open to the public.

On Monday, October 16, Mayor Justin Plymell and Alliance Local Manager Dennis Chitwood will meet with rural water to discuss the possibility of selling water to them again.

Chitwood reported that there had been a water leak at the fire station resulting in a loss of 20,000 gallons. The city’s net water loss was 13.7 percent for the month. The phase monitor on the lift station failed causing a sewer backup. It has been repaired and the station has returned to normal operations. Chitwood also stated that there are 42 water meters in town that are located in basements.

The city is under abatement order on consent from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The order outlines numerous reports that were not filed on time over the past several years up to 2016 as well as water samples that did not pass inspection and other violations.

The document, found on DNR’s website, outlines the terms and conditions. The city, which has already paid a $2,000 fine, must submit a facility plan prepared by a professional engineer. The plan must include an evaluation of the wastewater treatment and collection systems, dry weather and wet weather hydraulic flows as well as other evaluations. The plan is also required to include corrective actions and a schedule outlining when changes will be made to keep the city compliant.

The council voted to enter into negotiations with Larkin Lamp Rynearson, Omaha, NE, for professional engineering services for the wastewater treatment plant and the development of the plan to submit to DNR.

Johansen Construction, Rulo, will replace three meter pits, including digging a new pit, installing the meter and connecting water service, for $800 per pit, making the total $2,400.

Professional Wastewater Services, Farragut, will replace 12 tubes and ditches throughout the north part of town. The price is dependant on the number of hours the project takes to complete.

Shayli Larabee, baseball association representative, had approached Plymell about replacing the cook shack at the ball field. The association decided not to pursue the project until after next year’s season is complete, allowing them more time to raise funds.

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