The Jefferson C-123 School Board approved the following personnel during its regular meeting on February 21:

The following probationary teachers were offered contracts for the upcoming school year: Linda Scott, elementary gifted; Courtney Wolf, third grade; Bill Meiners, fifth and sixth grade; Rachel Denne, prekindergarten; Cree Beverlin, junior high and high school social studies; and Sue Swinford, librarian.

Indefinite contracts were awarded to Jennifer Coburn, high school math; Cecily Lanier, music and band; and Carla Peery, art and elementary social studies.

The contract for Amy Holtman, counselor, was approved for 60 percent of her current time or three days a week.

The board gave Charley Burch, high school principal, a one-year contract for the upcoming school year. Salary will be determined later, but will be no less than his current salary.

Wolf gave an update of her third grade classroom and Beverlin gave an update on his social studies program.

Holtman proposed replacing the current class ranking system with a cum laude system. The cum laude system is what universities and colleges use. Some of the benefits of using the system include allowing students to not be disqualified from certain scholarships due to small class size and class rank, students would be able to take classes they are interested in rather than taking all of the weighted classes for the purpose of class rank, it is a standard system that will work for all classes, students would be recognized for their individual achievements instead of being compared to others, students would not have to list their ranking in class when filling out applications for scholarships and more students would have the opportunity to be honored at graduation. Changes will be presented with the handbook changes and adopted at that time if the board approves.

Burch reported the high school attendance is 93.64 percent. He also reported on activities.

Superintendent Tim Jermain reported elementary attendance is 93.08 percent. He also reviewed the current tax collections and gave an update on state legislature and the state board of education actions.

Discussion was held about potential school improvements which included: building a lean-to off of the south side of the old gym for a weight room, installing a secured front entrance system, restroom updates, updating the heating and cooling system in the old gym, lighting in the parking lot, installing a south