Students from Maryville High School and Nodaway-Holt High School qualified to compete at the state level of trapshoot May 6.

TrapNH: Right: Nodaway-Holt students who qualified for the state trapshoot contest were, front: James Chesnut, Zachary Abrams, Cole Alloway, Tad Smock; back: Brody Day, Treyton Plummer, Kaiden Vance, Derick Thorton. Not pictured: Eli Sloniker and Bryson Evans. Although the team qualified, it did not compete at the state level due to scheduling conflicts.

Trap MV: Above: Maryville students who competed in the state trapshoot competitions were, front: Brody Snow, Dustin Conover, Keyton Francis, Trevor Rickabaugh, Jarrett Partidge, Trent Shell; back: Wyatt Walker, Gary DeMott, Jordan Piveral, Kaden Bailey, Drew Farrell, Trustin Allen. Not pictured: Amanda Frueh, William Frueh and Katie Wooten. Top scores included Snow, 94/100; Ferrel, 90/100; Conover, 90/100; DeMott, 87/100 and Piveral, 86/100.

Photo by Jordan Piveral

Conover, Frueh, Shell hold their fire as Allen focus on shooting during the competition.